Sheboygan Kiteboarding Association

Hello and Welcome to Sheboygan and itýs great beaches. We are a group of local riders that have formed together to encourage the longevity and the safety of kiteboarding in Sheboygan. For the most part kiteboarders are smart safe riders, but there have been some safety issues in the past. We want to be proactive not reactive to accidents.
Sheboygan has become a popular spot as a kiting destination. We have developed beach rules that must be followed at all times and kiters must only use the designated areas when rigging and riding. Please be respectful of this spot, other beach users and the rules. Remember accidents happen fast and shut down beaches.

Beach Use and Riding Guidelines

South or Southeast wind:
Rigging and Launch: South of the parking lot on High ave, where the beach narrows, this is also where the wind is the best.
Landing: in the launch area or behind the rocky narrow area downwind of the swimming beach, behind this the beach re-widens, watch for people when landing.

North or Northeast wind:
Launch Kites and Land: at Alabama ave. beach south of the large hotel.

Riding area
  • Kiters must stay 150ý (third sand bar) out of the swimming beach area, this starts at the high ave parking lot and continues north until the small rocky point, where the beach narrows.
  • No beach walking kites over the swim area at anytime.
  • Kites can only be in the swim area when being carried with lines wrapped up.
  • Beginners go out far enough to find clean wind and to prevent yourself from drifting into the off limits swimming beach.
General rules
  • All riders help enforce the rules and assist one another, to protect the spot
  • Know your kite, your limits, the surroundings and how many other non-kiters are in the area?
  • All beginners seek professional instruction, even if you have a Bow kite.
  • Beach users and predestines have NO UNDERSTANDING of the actions or power of the kites
  • Kiters yield the right of way to all other beach users and water users, remove yourself from the crowds, distance is your best friend.
  • Assisted launch and landing is recommended
  • All kiters must use proper kite safety leash at all times
  • Do not leave unsecured kites on the beach, especially bow kites they can be lifted by the wind easier then the C-kites
  • No beach flying traction kites with in four line lengths of beach users
Launching & Landing
  • Do Not land or launch up wind of other beach users.
  • Yield to all people and kids on the beach, wait or ask them nicely to clear area
  • Leave/approach the beach in a slow controlled manner
  • Yield to pedestrians when landing or launching
  • Watch for dogs
  • After launching your kite get out in to the water immediately, the wind is gusty on the inside
On the Water
  • Jumping kiters sacrifice their right of way
  • Incoming kiters let launching kiters go out prior to landing
  • The lake is big, use it, do not come near the swim area during a session.
  • Stay clear 200 feet from all waterusers and out of the swimming area
Follow these rules and enjoy your time riding at Sheboyganýs beaches!!

Local Coast Guard: 1-920-452-5115