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Corpus Christi – South Side

Corpus Christi – South Side

  1. Lola Johnson in the Laguna Madre: To get to “Lola” exit off SPID at Waldron. Last exit heading South before the JFK Bridge. Go straight through the light, stay on the access road going South. Go up about 2-3 blocks and there is a Waves Surfshop on the right. Make a right on Laguna Shores Road. Go up about a mile where there is a rectangular fenced area on the left between the road and water. This is where Lola Johnson Road meets up with Laguna Shores Road. Park there and rig up and ride. S, SE winds work here. Do not kite near the bird blind…
  2. JFK Bridge: Go on the SPID past Waldron, go to the bridge but do NOT go over the big bridge. Just before the bridge raises up and you have to drive up and over it, there is an exit to the right. Get off and park under the bridge in the shade. Rig up and ride to the West of the bridge. On SE winds you can do a downwinder from here to the Laguna Madre spot if you have two vehicles. Otherwise it is a VERY long walk. SE works here…stay upwind. Do not fly your kite over the highway if you go downwind. Immediately down the kite into the water and wrap up your lines!
  3. Packery Channel: Go over the bridge. Take the exit to the left across from the gas station and subway. Follow back to the water where there will be some houses on the right side. You willl go straight to the channel. Go left along the water. There is a grassy area immediately there with some wooden posts to rig up if others are there, or you can go deeper in about 1/4 mile to where the sandy area kinda makes a 90 degree point. Any area is fine in here. Watch for the markers that mark the channel and the oyster beds. Also watch for very shallow areas. Ask the locals or kite slowly for a while till you figure it out. SE or NE or NW all work here. Bring booties for the oysterbeds.
  4. South of the Packery Channel in the Gulf: Go over the bridge and past Packery Channel riding area to the light. Go straight and take a left into the condo area. Basically go to the beach and head North to the jetty. Rig up and ride. Works best on NNE or SE winds where it is side-on.
  5. North of Packery Channel in the Gulf: Go over the bridge to the light. Make a left. Go about 3/4 of a mile. You will go over the channel and a small overpass bridge. Watch for a right turn to go to the beach. You can take this to the Gulf and rig up and ride. NNE or SE winds are side on here.
  6. Port Aransas: Port “A” is North a ways from the Packery Gulf launch spots. Take hwy 361 N until you reach Port Aransas and turn right at the 1st light. Continue on that road until you reach the gulf, turn left, drive along the beach past the pier until you reach the south jetty. Watch the pier though. Port A works best on NNE winds.
Corpus Christi – Bay Area

Corpus Christi – Bay Area

  1. Campus Beach at Naval Air Station: Take Ocean Drive to across from the University. It is a small beach with flat water inside and choppier water outside.
  2. North Beach: a.k.a. Corpus Christi Beach. First exit after Harbor Bridge going toward Portland, Texas.
  3. Oleander Point: Also on Ocean Drive, at Cole Park. Grassy rig area, but it is a bluff (great for photos). You can launch down from the beach/water. Stay away from windsurfers as this is a popular area for them.