Top Skin Tuck

1510 Top Skin Tuck done in September of 2002

Use a grease pencil, or something that won’t permanently mark your kite. Mark the measurements as laid out above in the top skin, on the center cell of the 1510. Use double sided tape to fold the kite over and stick the lines to each other so it will hold as in the figure below. Tape is also used in this figure across the fold to add further reinforcement, but you really don’t need it.

Unzip the zipper and pull the kite inside-out through the zipper, like shown below. Pull the material out and be careful not to lose the folded-taped seams you are going to fold, so always be conscious of the fold.

Continue pulling the material through until you have a kite “burrito”. With the sewing machine, you need some access to the inside of the fold, and you don’t want a lot of material hanging out, either. As you feed it through the machine, the more organized the material, the less chance of a snag, or a run-on of thread as you sew.

Sew the seam from the inside making sure the threading is being sewn right on top of the black lines you marked and taped together. Its shown pretty well in the picture below. Start the threading by reverse threading for a cm, or so, and then forward thread over that to lock the threading in place. Use a standard needle and a new needle everytime, with bonded polyester thread. Check the Kite Repair page for more info on threading and machines to use.

Once you’re done, tie it off well and pull it back out …you’re finished! The black marking from the grease pencil can either be sponged off, or just let it wear off from normal use. It will only take a couple sessions for this to happen.